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About the Up & Under

Nathan Trivers, Owner & Operator, Up & Under Pub and Grill, with a Model T FordThe Up & Under Pub and Grill is the “brainchild” of owner and operator Nathan Trivers. Trivers, a rugby player for over 16 years, found his passion in the restaurant industry early on. The opportunity to merge his two loves (rugby & pubs) came early in 2008 when he was introduced to landlord Richard Lompa, a former Rugger as well. At last, the Up & Under Pub and Grill was born. Opening its door in January of 2010, the Pub became an immediate neighborhood success.

The name “Up & Under” comes from the sport of rugby. It is a tactical kick in rugby, in which the ball is kicked high and short onto or behind the defending team. Rugby was introduced to the United States in 1875 and has its largest popularity in the San Francisco Bay region.

Up & Under Pub and Grill is home to good food, great company and enjoyable surroundings. We are located in the historical district of Point Richmond, California.